As President and CEO of NAPOCOR, it feels good when our service to the public is appreciated by the people we serve. I still am not used to be called BAE A SINDAO by our Muslim brethren. So when somebody called me by that name earlier today, which by the way means Princess of Light, I have to look at the pictures again and reminded myself that the conferment last March 15, 2015, was for real. Again, thank you to the Federation of the Royal Sultanate of Lanao represented here by the Sultans of the Four Principalities of Lanao namely UNAYAN, MASIU, BAYABAO AND BALOI, composed of the 17 Royal Houses of Lanao, and their Federation President, Sultan Macmod Dalidig. Thank you also to the Philippine Muslim Women Council. I truly appreciate the recognition of our “valuable service to the Filipino People particularly to the Bangsa Moro homeland.” But I know that the “light” is never mine or anyone else, I believe it comes from one true source, the one who has risen to redeem us all. May peace reign in the heart of each one of us. May peace reign in Mindanao and the whole country.

Ma. Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita
FB Post – April 6, 2015

By: Dr. Padoman G. Paporo
May 2015

MA. GLADYS CRUZ-STA. RITA, President of the National Power Corporation was crowned as “BAI A SINDAW KO PILIMPINAS” on May 17, 2015 held at AGUS VII HEP Multi-Purpose Training Center, Fuentes, Barangay Crisitina, Iligan City. The royal title means “Princess of Light of the Philippines”.

The enthronement was started off by the ceremonial reading of the IGMA and TARITIB (Meranao consensus and customary law) relating to the bestowal of the title by Bai Omera Dianalan Lucman, Founding President of the Philippine Muslim Women Council, Inc. (PMWC).

Bai Lucman said: This Meranao Title, with its cultural underpinning, is given and awarded to Non-Muslim who are considered most deserving and exemplary in their work performance and personal achievements, coupled by their commitment to public service. NPC President Sta. Rita deserved the tutelage by Meranao conventional norms.

The rites was followed by the ceremonial wearing of Meranao dress (made intricately embroided blouse and skirt) tailored fit to the honoree.

The wearing of the traditional Meranao MALONG which was given by the present President of PMWC, Bai alabi Dr. Padoman G. Paporo and Dr. Erlinda Ola-Casan, chairperson PMWC Board of Directors.

The Meranao veil (i,e combong) was arranged by PMWC BOD members, Dr. Mokiin Salic Malna of MARAWI City Women Council, DSWD City Director Lawambai Lomondot Usman, and Hon. Cairon D. Dimatingcal of the Marawi United Barangay Association.

The Title was conferred by Sultan Ramain Fahad P. Mamacol. The plaque of recognition to the newly crowned BAI A SINDAW KO PILIMPINAS was awarded by the Federation of the Royal Sultanate of Lanao Provinces President Macmod Dalidig (Sultan sa Pagayawan), Dr. Saadudin Zaide Lomondot (Sultan sa Bansayan), Abubacar Ali (Sultan sa Baloi) and Odal Abedin (Sultan a Panoroganan ko Sapolo Ago Dowa Ingud Pizogodan a Mala a Bayabao Moriatao Angoyao).

The enthronement ceremony ended by the Acceptance speech of President Sta. Rita: “… (quote) I am overwhelmingly happy to see the WOMEN POWER of Lanao del Sur and Marawi City… x x x My heartfelt gratitude to the Federation of the Royal Sultanate of Lanao Provinces. I am deeply honored being crowned as BAI A SINDAW KO PILIMPINAS. Help me work out the best for our Host communities”.

Meranao food and special delicacies were served in a Pagana Meranao. The playing of the Kulintang (Meranao musical instruments, gongs and drums) signalled the confirmation of the title.


Source: SIKRA – PMWC Newsletter – January-July 2015 – Volume VI Issue I