About the Book

Running a Bureaucracy : A Guidebook for Local Government Unit Administrators and Public Managers in the Philippines, is a compendium of instructional materials and references on local government administration, and professional and personal accounts of the author on the various facets of local governance.

The book takes off from more than 21 years of government service experience of its author, MA. GLADYS CRUZ- STA.RITA, who had served in the Provincial Government of Bulacan as Provincial Administrator under three consecutive governors since 1990.

Packaged to be a guidebook for local government unit administrators, a coterminous but critical position in the LGU, Running a Bureaucracy is presented in 10 chapters, subdivided into a question-and-answer section delving on existing laws and various government circulars and issuances, and each followed by narrative and instructional essays where the author shares bits and pieces of her seventeen (17) years experience as Provincial Administrator of Bulacan in a total of twenty (20) essays.

This book is also for students and academicians who are interested on valuable insights on local governance from a seasoned practitioner in local government administration.

As the author herself expressly says, “Running a Bureaucracy aspires to respond to the need for more literature and instructional materials on Public Administration—one that is grounded on local experience and practical, real-life practices.”

“Had I known at an early age that my job would be like this,
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